Soccer - Carvalhal, Carlos, Almeida, Tony & Almeida, Courtney


By Carvalhal, Carlos, Almeida, Tony & Almeida, Courtney

  • Release Date: 2014-07-28
  • Genre: Coaching


Th­ere aren´t, nor will there ever be, absolute truths in the operationalization of a soccer team. To state that one operationalization method is better than another is not our intent. What we know is that we can evolve and be successful if we believe in our ideas and if these ideas are in sync with the schedule’s demands of today´s soccer.  Carvalhal and his co-authors bring us the reality of their Style of Play and how they implemented it at Besiktas.  A former professional player with a stint at FC Porto, Carvalhal led Besiktas 2011-12 to a great season leveraging the Tactical Periodization method.  Beyond the theory and principles are the practical aspects that every coach wants to be aware of.  It´s a smooth read for those who want a real football coaching manual. Enjoy!