Real Food Real Simple - Hannah Janish

Real Food Real Simple

By Hannah Janish

  • Release Date: 2018-01-25
  • Genre: Special Diet


The Lean & Clean movement is a high carb plant-based lifestyle that is centered around eating whole foods in whatever way you like. People make being healthy ridiculously complicated, worrying about calories, fats, salt, drowning themselves in water or what time they are allowed to eat certain things.

In reality it is very simple to eat a healthy plant-based diet, especially when you focus on whole foods. It doesn’t matter if you eat all raw, all cooked or a mix of the two.

As long as you are eating REAL FOOD, it’s REAL SIMPLE.

Real Food Real Simple is a collection of awesome whole food recipes with many of them replacing common comfort foods you enjoy.

Included are recipes from the sections: Juices & Smoothies, Fresh Breakfasts, Light Lunches, Pasta Night, Quick Bites, Comfort Foods, Epic Dinners and Sweet Treats. All made far healthier and with whole foods then what you'll be able to buy from the store.

Check out this book and I guarantee you that many of them will become new staples for you and your family.